Are you overwhelmed balancing family and career?

Are you at a loss with how to reconnect with your kids?

Have the outside challenges of the changing world caused conflict in your family?

Certified Life Coach & Household
Professional Services Recruiter

At Family Solutions, Certified Life Coach & Household Professional Services Recruiter, Carolyn Cook helps high achieving executive parents…

  • Uplevel your family & home life to be as thriving as your work life, even if you feel like you don’t have the time.

  • Restore family connection & estranged relationships, so that you can finally stop withdrawing & missing important family events.

  • Find the time to be present and engaged as a parent without feeling guilt.

Take the guesswork out of finding and hiring the right staff for your home. Family Solutions provides fully screened and background checked candidates to make the hiring process quick and painless. We also offer a guarantee on each and every placement. Our hiring process & background checks are extensive & will not settle for candidates anything less than the best in their field.

For example: Nannies, Tutors, Personal Assistants, Housekeepers, Estate Managers, Chefs, Elder Care, & more.



Carolyn came into our lives at a very tough time. We were managing a transition from full time child care to the craziness of the pandemic. Carolyn immediately made us feel at ease by offering flexibility with our changing family needs and has been far more than a “coach” to our 6 year old son. Carolyn has become part of our family.

Our son views her as his friend and confidant. She has helped our son through some of his fears and challenges by creating a trusting relationship and being a person that he knows he can depend on.

Carolyn has genuinely gone above and beyond what our initial expectations were in seeking part-time childcare for our son. We can’t even count on both hands the number of exciting adventures, silly stories and jokes they share together. We feel so fortunate to have Carolyn in our lives.

– Elizabeth and Ian S.

I have worked with Carolyn in a professional setting for a little over a year. She is one of the most caring and empathetic people I have ever met. Carolyn truly cares about helping families to create stability and peace.

As a certified life coach, she really knows how to facilitate healing. As a domestic recruiter, she fully understands the importance of finding the right staff for the families she works with. I will work with her again should the need arise and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking family coaching or domestic staffing.

– Rebecca

I have known Carolyn for 2 years. I have worked with her professionally and as a client. She is the most intuitive and relatable person I have ever met. She is gifted in coaching through family challenges, and helping families create stability. She fully understands the importance of creating peace and matching the right staff for families making transitions with work and life balance. Carolyn truly takes the time to listen. Highly recommend..

– Brenda

My Life Coach experience helped me to become more focused on what is truly important in my life and helped enable me to take a stand for myself…

I can’t say enough how my coaching experience has opened up new opportunities and a whole new world for me. Thank you, Carolyn, from the bottom of my heart.

– Scarlett

Carolyn has the biggest heart in the coaching industry. She is like Mary Poppins… coming into your life & family with her amazing bag of tricks! In all sincerity, I highly recommend working with Carolyn to find a quality, high-integrity team of professionals for your home & helping you achieve the work/life balance you never dreamed possible. She also does wonders for helping you build better relationships in your life.

Not to mention, she’ll help you finally take time off from work without guilt! Thank you Carolyn for the life-changing work you do.

– Hailey

Working with Carolyn showed me life freedom that I had not known before…

Thank you, Carolyn, for helping me to peel away the fear and expose such graceful and fierce freedom!

– Peggy

I had the pleasure of working with Carolyn through her Transformation on Purpose Summit. Carolyn has a genuine passion & heart for people. She communicates with compassion & clarity and uses her own life transformation to encourage others to see what change is possible – even in the toughest of circumstances – when you embrace a growth-oriented mindset.

– Erin

Bringing The Same Excellence You’ve Achieved in Your Work Life into Your Home Life…

Hi, My name is Carolyn Cook and I am the founder of Family Solutions. As a working mother of 4, I know firsthand the struggle associated with finding the time to create a fulfilling, peaceful family life, & finding quality, high integrity, and experienced professionals to help you create excellence at home.

As a Certified Life Coach with degrees in Psychology and Business I’ve been blessed to work with families in many different arenas.

My Faith-Based Family Solutions help parents build an unshakable foundation with their kids, improve their home life (professional nannies, tutors, home organizers, personal assistants, & more), and truly achieve the family connection you’ve always hoped for.

Ready to hit the reset button?

I’d love to share my Faith-Based System to create a thriving family with you.

If you’re ready to build the family future you’ve always wanted, let’s talk.

This call is for you if…

  • You’ve been putting off reaching out for help and hoping things will change without changing your approach (or trying everything you read online with no results).

  • You want to create more freedom and deeper family connection in your life… leading your life direction instead of your life leading you.

  • You want to create a family legacy, family goals, and more faith & meaning in your personal life… while learning how to deal with uncertainty & conflict better than ever before.