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Meet your Certified Fearless Living Life Coach Carolyn Cook

 Growing up in a peaceful community where I could ride horses in my past time, I had no idea that my future life would be as challenging and as exciting as it has been!

Having degrees in Psychology, Business, and Communication lead me to being a district sales manager for twenty years. Then, when I became a mom, I decided to be the stay-at-home wife and be very involved in my four children’s upbringing.

In 2012, my life drastically changed! I found myself divorced and suffering incredible pain. I first turned to addictions only to find out they didn’t sustain me and I needed a healthier choice. That’s when I decided to focus on my mindset and my faith.

By the Grace of God and searching for answers, Rhonda’ Britten’s Fearless Living course caught my attention. After taking it for my own personal growth, I knew I was “called” to share it with others who had similar experiences.

That’s when I decided to become a Fearless Living CoachI have learned so much by realizing that I don’t have to be in charge of everything! God is here with us and Fearless Living coaches offer support like understanding limiting fears and beliefs and how to break free. It is a wonderful feeling to know that you can be positive and make a difference.

People who want to know “what’s next for me?” are my ideal clients, as it is such a wonderful experience to know freedom!


I’m here for you and your transformation!

Identify and engage a peaceful way of living

Find faith and self-love in your growth

Discover your Wheel of Faith, Fortune, and Freedom

Learn proactive behaviors that support you

Experience support and understanding that leads to joy, laughter, and happiness again!

Growth with Coaching

 Making positive, lasting change leads to positive awareness and growth.

Discover Your Purpose

Learn your fear trigger so you can find clarity and move to freedom.

Redefine You

With your Fearless Living Coach, beautifully learn to honor your path.

Forward in Faith

Progress and change are possible when we believe and have the support.

You have arrived at the right place for a reason:

It is time for you to live your life with more freedom!

It’s easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of life and then suddenly realize you are that butterfly that just wants to have its own wings and fly! 

Thankfully, the process of transformation requires you to overcome challenges, feeling small, and having times of complete chaos. 

We do not have to be perfect in order to recognize our desire for growth and freedom. I bet you are in a stage in your life where you have overcame many challenges. And, now you are ready for the clarity and support to discover so much more.  

So… don’t quit five minutes before the miracle! Now is the time to move forward in faith.

A wonderful summit featuring speakers who offer their stories and ideas for how to transform on purpose. Click here to order the product that is right for you.

You don’t have to wait for the right moment or for things to be perfect!

Carolyn is ready with the tools, support, and resources to help you right now.

What My Clients Say 



My Life Coach experience helped me to become more focused on what is truly important in my life and helped enable me to take a stand for myself…I can’t say enough how my coaching experience has opened up new opportunities and a whole new world for me. Thank you, Carolyn, from the bottom of my heart.



Working with Carolyn showed me life freedom that I had not known before…Thank you, Carolyn, for helping me to peel away the fear and expose such graceful and fierce freedom!

Athena Sallee

Athena Sallee

Carolyn is a good communicator and is a natural at talking about life skills, she is nice to work with and is encouraging.

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