Revive Your Purpose

Face Everything & Rise or Fear Everything & Run

Set Clear Vision

Learn your fear trigger so you can find clarity and move to freedom.


Having someone you can count on and who has experienced similar challenges, makes it easier to succeed.

Heart-based Growth

Your heart and awareness of your mindset allows you to transform your life from the inside out.

Books & Resources

Fearless Living books, materials, and support are available for you through all your progress and change.

Therapy focuses on your past, coaching moves you forward into your future.

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Figure Out How?

Do you find yourself lost after a traumatic period in your life? Have you undergone a massive change and are unsure of what to do next? Do you need to rediscover who you are and what you want from life?

It is easy to let our fears, worries, time, money, etc get in the way. I have a variety of programs available so you can jump in without allowing things to get in the way of your progress and happiness! 

What Is Life Coaching?

Understand what has been holding you back

Be able to shift mindset for positive change

Learn Fearless Living with amazing support

Experience easy & quick positive results

My Approach

When people want to redefine themselves – after loss, divorce, change, or trauma – I believe in their ability to create a life they love and motivates them to move forward!

I draw on my personal experience. After 23 years of marriage and having four children at home still, I needed to get beyond my anxiety, depression, and family addiction.

I came across Rhonda’ Britten’s Fearless Living Course. After taking it for my own personal growth, I knew I had to share this with everyone else who had similar experiences as me. It is exciting to be here and able to help others. I am looking forward to talking with you!

What My Clients Have To Say



My Life Coach experience helped me to become more focused on what is truly important in my life and helped enable me to take a stand for myself…I can’t say enough how my coaching experience has opened up new opportunities and a whole new world for me. Thank you, Carolyn, from the bottom of my heart.



Working with Carolyn showed me life freedom that I had not known before…Thank you, Carolyn, for helping me to peel away the fear and expose such graceful and fierce freedom!

Athena Sallee

Athena Sallee

Carolyn is a good communicator and is a natural at talking about life skills, she is nice to work with and is encouraging.

How We Work Together


Discovery Session

Our first meeting allows us to learn about what fears are holding you back and identify your triggers. That way, you can learn how to make positive, lasting change.


Choose a Coaching Plan

You can choose how you would like to work with Carolyn Cook: Group Coaching, VIP Day, One-on-one, or at Retreats. Each style of coaching helps you be able to live fearlessly.


Move Forward

Move forward in what is possible. Find more time. Enjoy your day and choices. Be proactive. Learn about your strengths and weaknesses. Know your blessings.

I'd love to talk with you!

Do you have questions or want to learn more about working with me?
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