Carolyn Cook

Certified Fearless Living Life Coach
Helping you transform with faith to find more freedom!

About Carolyn

By the Grace of God and searching for answers, Rhonda’ Britten’s Fearless Living course caught my attention. After taking it for my own personal growth, I knew I was “called” to share it with others who had similar experiences as me.

As your Fearless Living Coach  I strive to listen to you, offer growth mindset coaching while using Fearless Living books and workbooks as our guide.

I have learned so much by realizing that I don’t have to be in charge of everything! God is here with us, and Fearless Living coaches offer support. 

People who want to know “what’s next for me?” are my ideal clients, as it is such a wonderful experience to know freedom!

We will work together in an one-on-one coaching or in group sessions. In addition, I offer special retreats and workshops. I also can be the facilitator for a church or workplace group. The best way for us to figure out how we can work together, is to schedule a free introductory session. Just simply click on the button below!

Three advantages of Fearless Living:

Ability to honor challenges as strength moving forward

Your Fearless Living Coach provides support and wisdom

Books, resources, and programs that help you thrive in life

Have you been:

  • Stuck in the past?
  • Not believing or trusting in yourself?
  • Scared to make big changes?
  • Feeling confused about how to move forward?

 I get you. I’ve been there, too.

When we work together you will learn who you are, acquire tools that will support you, obtain clarity around what is holding you back, and then gain the confidence to move forward.

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