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Transformational Life Coach

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About Carolyn

Having degrees in Psychology, Business, and Communication, as well as being a district sales manager for twenty years, I was still unsure how to move forward.

The pain, suffering, and trauma that my family and I experienced was very difficult!

By the Grace of God and searching for answers, Rhonda’ Britten’s Fearless Living course caught my attention. After taking it for my own personal growth, I knew I had to share with everyone else who had similar experiences as me.

That’s when I decided to become a Fearless Living Coach.

In the coaching program, I learned the tools to identify the fear and triggers that cause all the bad choices. And, now I have transitioned from fear to freedom!

I no longer have the addictions, I am positive, and can envision a wonderful future. And when problems arise, I can confidently handle them, learn from the challenges, and keep moving forward.

It is such a wonderful experience to know freedom!

I specialize in working with women who also find themselves fearful and are asking “what’s next for me?” I will guide you on how to master your fear (on the inside) and redefine your identity (on the outside).   

When we work together you will learn who you are, gain tools that will support you to obtain clarity and confidence, and be able to design a reality that you love!

Three indicators you are ready for Fearless Living:

An awareness that you want change

It is our difficult experiences that make us wiser. We can find freedom! 

Ready to move forward into possibility

By working with Carolyn you will see what’s right around you and how you attract the good into your life.

Willing to believe in yourself again

It is possible and knowing that God is right there with us, you don’t have to take care of everything.

We are a great fit if you are:

Ready to transform your mindset and engage your life's purpose.

Ready to understand your fear trigger and move forward into a life of freedom from it.

Ready to create a world for yourself that you love to live in every day!

Have you been:

  • Stuck in the past?
  • Not believing or trusting in yourself?
  • Scared to make big changes?
  • Feeling confused about how to move forward?

 I get you. I’ve been there.

When we work together you will learn who you are, acquire tools that will support you, obtain clarity & identify your purpose, and then gain the confidence to move into your vision for the future!

I'd love to talk with you!

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