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Fearless Living Group Training (6 Week)

Online or In Person


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This package works in tandem with the Fearless Living Book.

Work together with other supportive women and follow the training found in the book.

Carolyn guides each participant through the process and aids with skill building and knowledge growth, working to find your freedom.

Facilitated by Carolym, this program is worked together in groups. The group can be created by you with others you know or you can join a group. 

Groups can meet in person or can choose to hold meetings online in any format comfortable for them.

Fearless Living Program (12 Week)

Online or In Person

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Weekly Modules with Workbook, one-on-one with Carolyn.

Intensive Transformational Workshop (4 Hour)

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In this one-on-one deep dive together we uncover your fears and identify your trigger.

We take steps forward so you can change from the inside out – right down to how you present yourself externally!

This workshop creates the foundation for a personal metamorphosis.


One-On-One Coaching (6 Month)

Online or In Person

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Carolyn provides the support you need as you walk through a transformational period and learn skills in real-time. 

This package is customized to your needs. It can include weekly 45 minute one-on-one meetings – via online/phone. Carolyn offers continuous support throughout the 6 Month program. You will receive a variety of resources to work with ongoing and to continue to work with after the 6 Month coaching.

Carolyn is with you as you discover how to create a lifestyle of Fearless Living!

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